Abnormal Mapping 27: Do Your Bit To Stop The Sun

Matthew stood by the grave, and looked upon the headstone. Time had withered the slate, there was no name left to mark a life long since lived. And all the people seemed to pass on by, catching the bus, going to work, eating chips and going to bed. He didn’t understand how they could walk here without hearing the warning, those deafening screams of the forgotten, keeping him awake night after night after night. One day he would be screaming too.

“No,” he whispered to himself, turning away. He couldn’t change his fate, but he could tear down heaven and hell to punish those who chose it. Who were Gods to sign his death sentence, to force upon him an existence never requested, and all too soon, steal it away? No longer could this cycle continue. The Gods would fall to his hand, and for one brilliant, shining moment, as the pain of existence blinked away, there would be silence.

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This Month’s RPG Explorer’s Club: Final Fantasy VIII

Next Month’s Game Club: Attack of the Friday Monsters!!

Games Discussed: Final Fantasy VIII, Pokemon Shuffle, Star Wars, Super Mario Bros

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
Ami by Nobuo Uematsu
Shuffle & Boogie by Nobuo Uematsu
Fragments of Memories by Nobuo Uematsu
Man With A Machine Gun by Nobuo Uematsu