Abnormal Mapping 19: Gameography - Mike Joffe

Welcome, one and all, to another very special episode of Abnormal Mapping: our second Gameography! For those unfamiliar, a Gameography episode is where we take a close look at the work of a game maker, and approach it as a whole. This time, we chose to take a gander at the games of Mike Joffe, and were joined by the man himself for an incredibly fun and interesting interview!

Join us for talk of twine, trees and thanksgiving, as we dive into discussions of improvisational play, the function of anthropomorphism and the limits of authorial intent. And yet, all this is perhaps overshadowed, as Matthew brings unto Jackson the most horrifying of all revelations: The true meaning of Thanksgiving.

This is only our second Gameography, and we'd love for your feedback about our process, as well as any other random questions or comments. As ever, you can bother both of us on Twitter, or send us an email at:  abnormalmappingpodcast@gmail.com.

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Gameography: Mike Joffe

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Music This Episode

Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
The Good, the Bad and the Loris by Ennio Morricone and Mike Joffe